Stationary Alcohol Tester ACE Vision small, w/ Advertising Display, for Bars, Clubs, Hotels etc.
Stationärer Alkoholtester ohne Münzeinwurf

Manufacturer ACE Instruments
Weight 3.8 kg
Article number 107707
  • Stationary alcohol tester with integrated tablet
  • Includes a WLAN receiver
  • Display menus, price list, ..., on the display...
  • ...or use the device for paid advertising
  • Precise, electrochemical sensor technology with very low deviations
Sensor type: Fuel cell technology Measurement accuracy: ± 0,005 % BAC
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There are only 2 piece in stock


Indication of BAC: 0.00~5.00 ‰ (permille = fixed basic setting)
Accuracy: +/- 0.05‰
Warm-up time: 5 seconds to max. 5 minutes
Reaction time: Within 10 seconds
Sensor: Electrochemical sensor
Mouthpieces: Regular drinking straws (Recommendation: The straws should be hygienically individually underpacked)
Power supply: AC 110~220, 50/60 HZ, 0.5A input / DC 12V, 1.5A output
Display: 9" tablet PC with 1024*600 pixels
Unit dimensions: 375 mm x 250 mm x 93 mm (width x height x depth)
Weight: 4,6 kg
Operating temperature: 0-40°C
Storage temperature: 0-50°C
Calibration: Recommendation: Every 12 months or after 1000 tests (whichever occurs earlier)

We offer exchange sensors for the ACE Vision small. Alternately, you can send the sensor module inside the device to the service address given at for calibration.

1 Electrochemical alcohol tester ACE Vision small (with steel housing)
1 pack straws (100 pieces)
1 power adapter (DC 5V 3.0A)
1 key
Operation manual

The Stationary Breath Alcohol Tester ACE Vision small: Optimized for Bars, Clubs and Restaurants

The ACE Vision small is an alcohol tester equipped with an electrochemical sensor, similar to alcohol testing equipment used by the police. This type of sensor guarantees the highest accuracy and has deviations of at most +/- 0.05 ‰ (permille).
Due to its high accuracy, we could thus locate the ACE Vision small within accuracy class 1. The measuring range displayed works from 0.00 up to a maximum of 5.00 ‰.
The ACE Vision small is perfectly suitable for the gastronomy sector, restaurants, clubs or bars where the guests can carry out an alcohol test before driving home with car.
Thus, the ACE Vision small makes an important contribution to the general traffic safety..

Advertisments with the ACE Vision small: Perfect for Restaurants, Bars, Clubs...
The ACE Vision includes a 9" tablet as well as a WLAN receiver. Advertising images or videos can be controlled via a PC or laptop, a tablet or a smartphone for entertainment or informational purposes.
Additionally, the test results can be accesses online or stored on the device.

Earn Additional Income with Advertising!

In addition to your own advertisements or menus and price lists, you can of course also display paid advertisements from partner companies on the display of the ACE Vision small.

Examples for possible advertising partners:
- Suppliers of alcoholic beverages
- Taxi companies and other personal transport service providers
- Anti-alcohol campaigns
- Car insurances
- Online dating platforms
- Smartphone app providers

Now with Even Easier Operations

Thanks to the use of regular drinking straws (which should be individually packaged), a hygienic measurement can be ensured. The ACE Vision small collection box contains up to 100 straws.
The applicant breathes through a straw placed in the corresponding opening to conduct the measuring. The test procedure only takes a few seconds.
3 colored symbols (smileys) and signal tones will indicate the result visually and acoustically.

Informations about the Installation

Due to its flat, space-saving design and low weight, the ACE Vision small can be installed in almost any space. On the back of the unit there are 3 drill holes for wall-mounting (1 on the top left, 1 on the right and 1 on the bottom in the middle). You will need 3 screws, which are fastened through the drill holes from the inside of the unit to the wall behind.
The ACE Vision small has an opening on the side, which can be used as an additional securing device (the padlock is not included).

ACE recommends the following installations positions, preferably in indoor areas to protect your device from theft and vandalism:
- In the entrance or exit area
- Near the toilets
- In the cloakroom area
- In the bar area

Please note that the ACE Vision small should be calibrated after 1000 tests or after 12 months, in order to ensure a high degree of accuracy in the long term. We will gladly conduct this service for you. Our service engineers, trained by the manufacturers ACE, Honeywell and Dräger, handle all devices with the utmost care during calibration.

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