Electrochemical Switchover Sensor for ACE III Premium

Manufacturer ACE Instruments
Weight 0.08 kg
Article number 100039
  • Official ACE Accessory
  • With this exchangable sensor you are no longer dependant on calibrations
  • High quality electrochemical sensor
  • Measuring accuracy of +/-0.05‰ permille
  • Attention: Only suitable for the ACE III Premium
56,99 € / piece

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Switchover Sensor for Your ACE III Premium Device!

With this replacement sensor, you can easily restore your ACE III Premium's accuracy. It is no longer necessary to send the device in for calibration or service.
The sensor unit consists of a pump and an electrochemical sensor. The special architecture of the ACE III Premium makes the exchange very simple.

Further information:
- Precise electrochemical sensor
- Measuring range: 0.00 to 4.00‰ (permille)
- Measurement accuracy: +/-0.05‰ (permille)


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Sehr gutes Produkt. Messungen auch nach Jahren ohne Kalibrierung (allerdings wenig gebraucht) immer noch sehr genau.
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Gute Messgenauigkeit
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