Electrochemical Switchover Sensor for ACE AL4000 / ACE Public (V)

Manufacturer ACE Instruments
Weight 0.1 kg
Article number 100095
  • Official ACE Accessory
  • With this exchangable sensor you are no longer dependant on calibrations
  • High quality electrochemical sensor
  • Measuring accuracy of +/-0.05‰ permille
  • Attention: Only suitable for the ACE AL 4000 / ACE Public and the ACE Public V
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An Exchangable Sensor for Your ACE Public / ACE Public V!

With this replacement sensor, you can easily restore the accuracy of your ACE Public or ACE Public V without having it calibrated. It is no longer necessary to send it in for service.
The sensor module contains an electrochemical sensor at police grade level. An exchange is very simple due to the special architecture of the ACE Public.

Further information:
- Precise electrochemical sensor
- Measurement accuracy: +/-0.05‰ (permille)

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