Breathalyzer ACE iblow10, Suitable for Mass Tests, with fuel cell Sensor
Geeignet für Massentests bei Durchgangskontrollen (z.B. bei Events)

Manufacturer ACE Instruments
Weight 0.41 kg
Article number 107160
  • Extremely robust and impact-resistant
  • With intuitive light signal: Green = okay, Red = alcoholisation too high
  • Precise sensor system
  • Can be used without mouthpieces
  • Incl. voucher for one clibration
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The ACE iBlow Breathalyzers: Built for Mass Tests

The ACE iBlow is an innovative product that convinces through its tremendous speed. Thus, the user is able to test many subjects within a short period of time.
The integrated LED emits a red or green visual signal depending on the result, which allows a quick assessment on the suitability of the test person.
Our ACE iBlow was developed mainly for authorities (e.g. for alcohol control on roads) and airports.
The breathalyzers has two measurement modes: The active measurement mode shows the alcohol value on the LED display.
Additionally, the result is visually supported by the "traffic light" function.

An Overview of the iBlow's Features

- Red / Green LED indicator
- Built-in magnet for attachment to metallic surfaces
- Flashlight function
- Impact-resistant casing
- Extremely robust

The passive test mode shows gives a quick point of reference whether the breath alcohol concentration of the applicant is above or below the set limit.
A built-in magnet inside the ACE iBlow ensures that the tester can be attached to all metallic surfaces (such as a car). The tester can also be used in twilight or at night, thanks to the illuminated LED to route traffic.
The case consists of impact-resistant plastic, so that the device can not be affected by a fall or similar mechanical impacts.

Perfectly Suitable for These Target Groups

- Authorities and airports
- Companies, institutions, organizations and associations
- Schools (from middle school to university and especially driving schools)
- Social services and auxiliary services (addiction counseling centers, humanitarian institutions)
- Clubs, discos, bars, etc..

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