ACE Public Breathalyzer Series, TU-Vienna Accuracy: 98.8%
Sensorgröße: L; TU-Wien-Messgenauigkeit: 98,8%*, Polizeigenau*

Manufacturer ACE Instruments
Weight 3 kg
  • Police-grade accuracy
  • Adjustable coin slot (standard setting: €1)
  • 98,8% Precision according to the Technical University Vienna
  • Very fast results
  • Also available with a videoframe (ACE Public V)
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Stationary alcohol tester ACE Public V (set incl. 100 straws, straw box, mains plug)

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Manufacturer number ACE Public V



1.099,99 € / set

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Stationary alcohol tester ACE Public (set incl. 100 straws, straw box, mains plug)

Delivery time: There are still larger quantities on stock.
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Manufacturer number ACE Public



999,99 € / set

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The ACE Public - A Real Eye-Catcher for Every Restaurant!

The ACE Public is a breathalyzer for restaurants, clubs, taverns, bars etc. It offers your guests the opportunity to conduct an alcohol test before driving, thus making an important contribution to traffic safety.
This stationary breathalyzer is protected by a shock-resistant steel housing and measures the alcohol content in the applicant's breath using an electrochemical sensor. Even if the ACE Public will cheer your guests, it is not a fun gadget, but a very accurate breathalyzer with the same sensor technology as in police equipment.
Our stationary alcohol tester is mainly used to determine the applicant's ability to drive. Additionally, you will earn income from each conducted alcohol test.
The ACE Public is also available with a photo / video frame and an USB port (model name: ACE Public V). It can display advertising images and videos for information or entertainment.
Our offer: 4 weeks of right to return (instead of the legally required 2 weeks)

Innovation Instead of Stagnation

The ACE Public is equipped with an interchangeable electrochemical sensor, as used in the alcohol testing equipment of the police.
This type of sensor guarantees the highest accuracy and has a deviation of +/-0.05‰ at the most.
The warm-up time and the recovery time were significantly reduced.

Connection slots on the ACE Public V (from left to right):
- Power connection (the power supply is connected via the mainboard of the ACE Public)
- External USB device or PC
- Speaker output (connection to a stereo system to improve the sound quality)
- USB stick
- ScanDisc card reader
- Compact Flash card reader

The Advantages of the ACE Public

Due to its simplicity, the ACE Public will perfectly fit into your interior.
The housing is lockable (to secure your additional income and to prevent alcohol tests without charge). A key is included within the scope of delivery.
The ACE Public is prepared for wall mounting (4 screws).
The operation is easily understandable. Thanks to the use of regular straws (which are available in many shops and can of course also be ordered from us) a hygienically safe measurement is ensured. For hygienic reasons we recommend individually packed straws.
With the help of colored symbols (smileys) and signal tones, the results will be communicated visually and acoustically after each test: easy to understand for everyone.
The number of tests performed is recorded by a separate counter.
Its flat and space-saving construction (26 cm x 51.5 cm x 10 cm) and its low weight of approx. 6 kg allows you to install ACE Public in any room.
The 230V power supply is can be connected via a standard socket.

Easy Handling!

The large, illuminated display will display the individual steps for each execution.
The display are displayed in permile [‰] (two digits).
After conducting the measurement, the ACE Public automatically goes into standby mode and waits for the next insertion into the coin slot. Numerous coins can be set as a number, and foreign coins (e.g., CH) are also possible. The default setting is 1 €.

Feature Overview

- Operational guidance and results displayed with full text, color symbols and signal tones
- Replaceable sensor
- Fast readiness
- Short sampling and analysis time
- Very accurate results
- Easily readable display
- Can be used with traditional straws instead of mouthpieces
- Incities to drink
- Adjustable coin insertion
- Possibility of additional advertising due to an integrated videoframe (only for ACE Public V)
- This device's target groups include small and large catering establishments as well as pubs, bars, restaurants, discos, car parks, public facilities, schools, hostels, boarding houses, etc..

A Class 1+ Breathalyzer

ACE has developed a class model that divides alcohol test devices according to their measurement accuracy. Due to its electrochemical sensor, we were able to place the ACE Public in the upper class (1+). Police equipment can also be found in Class 1+.
In order to maintain this high accuracy in the long term run, you should regularly have your device calibrated - we will gladly perform this service for you! Our team is adequately trained and can subject the ACE Public to a professional maintenance or calibration. We are the only service center in Germany for this device.
The ACE Public alcohol tester should be calibrated every 6 to 12 months at the latest. If this is not done, the results of the measurement will become less and less accurate. Calibration is essential for accurate and reliable measurement results! Alternatively, you can purchase an already calibrated replacement sensor to change it yourself.

Precision According to a Breathalyzer Study Conducted by TU Vienna in Oktober 2015

5 measuring reference points (0.00, 0.10, 0.25, 0.40 and 0.60 permille) were tested in the laboratory using 5 identical ACE Public Breathalyzers and 10 repetitions. The manufacturer was not present during the test.
Overall, the device type ACE public was thus tested 250 times in the laboratory of the Institute of Analytical Chemistry of the Technical University Vienna, headed by Univ. Professor Dr. Erwin Rosenberg.
For details see complete study, provided by ACE GmbH Germany.

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