ACE® Mouthpieces for Breathalyzer ACE AFM-5 (PU = 20 pcs)

Manufacturer ACE Instruments
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We Have Developed a High Quality Mouthpiece for You!

Each mouthpiece has a back breathing barrier: this prevents saliva or germs returning into the device. Each mouthpiece of the ACE series is individually and hygienically packaged.
ATTENTION: Only compatible with the ACE AFM-5.

Only the use of Original ACE Mouthpieces ...

... ensures the accuracy of the measurement results
... ensures 100% hygienic safety
... ensures the full warranty of your device

These mouthpieces are intended for one-time use only. This means that you should use a new mouthpiece for every test. Why? On the one hand for hygienic reasons and on the other hand to avoid erroneous measurements which can result from possible residual alcohol in an already used mouthpiece.
To obtain reliable results, we recommend that you never use a mouthpiece that has already been used more than once, even by a single person. ACE Handels- und Entwicklungs GmbH declines any liability for damage resulting from the repeated use of one single mouthpiece for multiple tests.

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Manufacturer number ACE AFM-5



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