ACE Alcohol Testing Tube with Balloon (Compliant with French Traffic Regulations), Pack with 2 Pcs.
Konform mit der französischen Verkehrsverordnung!

Manufacturer ACE Instruments
Weight 0.001 kg
Inhaltsmenge 2 Piece / pack
Article number 100289
  • For a fast and cost-effective determination of your breath alcohol
  • Corresponds to French traffic regulations
  • Alcoholization is comprehensible through the coloration of a chemical substance inside the test tubes
  • Compact and cost-efficient
  • Pack with two pieces
Model: ACE Test Tubes Measurement accuracy: ± 0,02 % BAC
5,12 € / pack

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Detect Ýour Breath Alcohol Quickly and Easily

These test tubes are approved for self-testing according to the French legislation.
They are intended for one-time use only and have an expiration date, which is indicated on the packaging of the test tube (the shelf life of the ACE alcohol test tubes is 2 years).
The test tubes function as a chemical alcohol tester and provide results on the estimated breath alcohol content that can be used as a reference. However, the measured results are not legally binding!
ACE Instruments warns: Even if the test tube indicates an alcoholisation in the "safe" range, this does not mean you should drive a vehicle or maintain in other activities which should not be carried out under alcohol influence after the consumption of alcohol.

Components of the test tube
- 1. Tubes made of special glass (weight: 5g)
- 2. Stickers 3. Membrane (stainless steel)
- 4. Two end lids
- 5. Special reagent

Details About the Test Tube

The tester consists of a glass tube containing a crystallized reagent. The reagent indicates the alcohol content in the exhaled air by changing from yellow to green, the colour gradiation being proportional to the alcohol content.
The reagent is firmly enclosed between two stainless steel membranes and sealed at the end of each tube by an aluminum lid. Plastic caps with internal plungers are attached to both ends of the glass tube to protect it from bumps and mechanical damage.

Test process: A heat-sensitive indicator measures the airflow when the applicant breathes into the test tube. As soon as enough air has been pumped through the tube, its color changes from red to white. This white staining indicates that the exhalation can be adjusted.
After about two minutes, the indicator returns to its original color red. Now the evaluation can be conducted.

Caution: In view of the very small amount of chemical substance within the test tube, the reaction solution does not pose any particular risk. However, you should always keep the test tube out of the reach of children! In case of accidental contact with the skin, it is advisable to rinse it quickly with water.