ACE bonus campaign (valid in case of the purchase of a mobile breathalyzer)

Bonus 1:

We extend the warranty to 3 full years on sensor and device, if you have the device regularly serviced at ACE.

Bonus 2:
In addition to the standard scope of delivery, you will receive further 25* single packed mouthpieces matching the breathalyzer you ordered.

*5 mouthpieces for the Dräger Alcotest 3820 breathalyzer

Bonus 3:
You will receive a calibration voucher worth EUR 45.00 for the initial calibration of a breathaylzer with fuel cell sensor and worth EUR 40,00 for the initial calibration of a breathalyzer with semiconductor sensor. The initial calibration should be carried out after 6 to latest 12 months.

Bonus 4:
You have 4 weeks of return right instead of the statutory 2 weeks, no matter whether you order as a private or as a commercial customer.

Total bonus:
If you try to specify the above-mentioned supplementary services as a monetary value, we get a value of at least EUR 70.00. You will get this special offer on top when buying a breathalyzer.